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Juz Amma with Meaning Translation and Transliteration in English with Tajweed


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This is “Amma Part in English Language Size 7"x9"”

This is Amma part of the Tajweed Quran, Part thirty, starts from sura "An-Naba' " till sura "An-Nas", it includes translations and transliteration into English.

Translation: meanings of the Quranic versus are translated into English and placed on the margins around the Arabic text.

Transliteration: Arabic letters are presented by English letters with added symbols in order to give the same sound of Arabic letters.

English transliteration makes it easier for the speakers of the English language to read the Tajweed Quran in Arabic pronunciation using the English alphabet letters. 

Considering that this Part contains small suras; it is a perfect start for kids, beginners and students.

This Amma Part comes in the standard portrait form, with a nice glossy soft cover. Each page contains 15 lines as any standard Quran.

Meanings tranlated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Product Code: JUZMMVNI9

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