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10 x Miswak siwak Sewak 100% Natural Herbal Toothbrush Fresh


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Miswak is the root of the " Peelu" tree ( salvadora Persica) known in arabic as " Arak". The sewak is the natural, safer and more effective tooth brush in comparison with synthetic toothburshes. Its soft fibers reach more easily between the teeth where the conventional tooth brush often misses( flossing effect). The sewak is the effective way of maintaining the high level oral cleanliness which directly relates to overall wellness of the body. 

Miswak is mainly Sunnah of prophet Mohammad (Pbuh). Miswak kills mouth bacteria, removes mouth odor, reduces tooth decay, fights plaque and many other spiritual and health benefits.

Some of the benefits of Miswak are

(1) Eliminates bad odour and improves the sense of taste 
(2) Sharpens the Memory 
(3) Sharpens the Intelligence 
(4) Eliminates Slime 
(5) A Cure for Illness 
(6) Miswaak creates fragrance in the mouth. 
(7) Miswaak strengthens the gums. 
(8) Miswaak prevents tooth decay. 
(9) Miswaak prevents further increase of decay which has already set in the teeth. 
(10) Miswaak is a cure for headaches. 
(11) Miswaak assists in eliminating toothaches. 
(12) Miswaak creates lustre (Noor) on the face of the one who continually uses it. 
(13) Miswaak causes the teeth to glow. 
(14) Miswaak removes the yellowishness of the teeth. 
(15) Miswaak strengthens the eye-sight. 
(16) Miswaak is beneficial for the health of the entire body. 
(17) Miswaak assists in the process of Digestion. 
(18) Miswaak is a cure for a certain mouth disease known as Qilaa' 
(19) Miswaak clears the voice. This is stated in TibbeNabawi. 
(20) Miswaak facilitates the appetite (Tibbe Nabawi). 
(21) Miswaak increases the eloquence of one's speech. 
(22) Miswaak (i.e. its constant use) will be ~ factor to ease the pangs of Death.  
(23) Miswaak increases the Thawaab (reward) of Salaat (prayer) from seventy times to four hundred times. (HADITH) 
(24) Miswaak is a factor which will earn higher ranks in Jannat for the one who uses it 
(25) The Angels sing the praises of the one who uses the Miswaak. 
(26) Use of the Miswaak displeases Shaitaan. 
(27) Use of the Miswaak graces one with the companionship of the Angels. 
(28) And, the greatest benefit of using the Miswaak is the attainment of Allah Ta'ala's Pleasure

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